• Fireplace 1

  • Fireplace 2

  • Fireplace 3

  • Fireplace 4

  • Fireplace 5

  • FP-1 Antique

    A Louis 15th french limestone simple fireplace

  • FP-2

    A good remassance Italian carved fireplace

  • FP-3

    Italian type molded fireplace in limestone

  • FP-4- Reproduction

    A Salvator Rossa Molded Italian Fireplace in Limestone

  • FP-5-Antique

    A French limestone simple corbel fireplace 19th Century

  • FP-6-Reproduction

    A Italian limestone renassance type fireplace with corbels

  • FP-7-Reproduction

    A classic Italian molded fireplace

  • FP-8-Reproduction

    A 2 tier french limestone fireplace

  • FP-9-Reproduction

    An impressive renaissance type limestone fireplace

  • FP-10-Antique

    A good 18th century Louis XIV fireplace in Limestone

  • FP-11-Antique

    A Roman Travertine molded fireplace front

  • FP-12-Antique

    A Simple provincial limestone 19th century French

  • FP-13-Antique

    A French 17th century corbel fireplace with elaborated

  • FP-14-Antique

    A neoclassical 19th century French fireplace – Carrara

  • FP-15-Reproduction

    A fireplace carved from a solid B-4 Stone

Fireplace 1