• Antique Sinks

  • LAV-483

    Delicate antique vessel with rounded and solid shape.

  • LAV-357

    Well rounded ancient sink. Unique antique white marble vessel with powerful horizontal veins & generous rim. This medium size sink has an oval shape with handcrafted teardrop soap holders.

  • LAV – 096

    A beautiful antique white marble sink. This medium size sink, is complimented with an bowed shaped corners culminating in straight edge front with a ogie edge. An oval shaped vessel with drain towards the back.

  • LAV _ 047

    Rare half moon antique white marble sink decorated with recess panels wings. Complemented with quarter round corners and oval vessel.

  • LAV _ 066

    Antique rare platinum gray with white veining, possible bardiglio novelo marble.

    Provance: Italy ; hand carved



  • LAV _ 120

    Antique white marble sink with light gray veins.
    Complemented with recess panels on each side of vessel and bow front shape.

  • LAV _ 341

    Petite and elegant rectangular hand carved sink on a light grey and white marble with centered drain. Perfect for a small powder room.

  • LAV _ 342

    White and grey marble hand carved rectangular shaped antique sink with front and back water ridge an ample oval vessel. With an off center darain

  • LAV _ 343

    A rare hand carved white marble with light grey veins antique sink, with deep drain boards and a beautiful octagonal shaped vessel. It is complemented with a large drain on center.

  • LAV _ 344

    A mid size rectangular antique sink hand carved from white marble block, has a set of deep drain boards on each side of a beautiful octagonal vessel. This sink is complemented with a 2 inch straight border on 3 sides and soft curb border at the front

  • RCP-7636

    White marble oval vessel sink with scroll detail; with a rounded edge along rim.
    Length: 24″
    Deep: 18 1/4″
    Height: 6 3/4″

Antique Sinks